Police chase ends in cells

Jordan Fisher, 19, of Chiselhurst Avenue, Blackpool

Jordan Fisher, 19, of Chiselhurst Avenue, Blackpool

TWO teens involved in a chase where a police car was rammed have both been locked up.

Preston Crown Court heard how a police constable suffered whiplash injuries when Jordan Fisher tried to reverse out of a dead end in Gloucester Avenue, Blackpool, and smashed into the pursuit vehicle causing more than £5,000 damage.

Fisher was more than twice over the drink-drive limit when he got behind the wheel of his grandfather’s Ford Fiesta.

He has now been given nine months’ detention by a judge, who sentenced his passenger Oliver Curley to four months’ detention.

Fisher, 19, of Chiselhurst Avenue, South Shore, admitted offences of aggravated vehicle taking, not having a driving licence, or insurance, driving with excess alcohol, plus unrelated offences of shoplifting and damage.

He was also given a two-year driving ban and must take an extended test before driving in future.

Curley, 18, of Bolton Street, South Shore, admitted being in a vehicle involved in aggravated vehicle taking and assaulting a constable.

He was given a 12-month road ban.

The court heard the Fiesta had been loaned to Fisher’s father.

The defendant said he needed to get something out of the boot on January 13, but was then seen driving off.

Robert Smith, prosecuting, said police spotted the car on Talbot Road with lights off.

A police officer put on his blue lights and sirens. The Fiesta did not stop and carried onto Victory Road, Peter Street and Church Street.

The vehicle passed through a red light at the junction of Church Street and Whitegate Drive before travelling onto Lemington Road, Raikes Parade, Hornby Road and Park Road.

On Park Road it was driven at considerable speed, heading along the middle of the road, between two lanes of moving traffic.

The officer tried to block the car in a cul-de-sac but the reverse lights came on and the car backed into the police vehicle, trapping the officer inside.

The officer ended up with whiplash injuries to his neck and was signed off work for several weeks.

Both defendants were arrested and Curley went on to spit in an officer’s face, catching his right cheek.

Julie Taylor, defending Fisher, said his family had forgiven him.

Tony Wilbraham, for Curley, accepted that spitting at an officer had been a vile offence and said the teenager had apologised at the scene.


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