Charity trek bikes stolen

Paul Jebb's bike was stolen ahead of a charity cycle

Paul Jebb's bike was stolen ahead of a charity cycle

Two hospital workers planning separate cycle rides to have had to put the brakes on their training after thieves stole their bikes.

Paul Jebb and Mark Wrigley, who work at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, were at the height of their training when their 
cycles were taken from their homes just two days apart.

Mark, pathology operations manager, has been able to borrow a friend’s bike for his 520km cycle across the Himalayas in October, but it is game over for Paul, who is unable to find a replacement bike ahead of the Beaverbrooks Bike Ride this weekend.

He hopes to have access to a bike before a London to 
Surrey cycle for the Samaritans in August.

“I am a keen cyclist but without the ability to train I will not be prepared for these kinds of challenges,” he said.

“The charities do lots of great work to support people in our community and I will find a way to contribute to the cause one way or another. I am still hopeful I will be able to take part in the challenge in London. For now though I don’t have another bike so my plans are on hold.”

Mark suffered a horrific car accident 18 months ago which killed his colleague, Alan Bullock.

His cycle is in aid of Macmillan and will be carried out in Alan’s memory.

Mark said: “I have to be on top form as it will be a real struggle for me after the accident.

“Fortunately my colleague Dr Paul Kelsey, who will be doing the challenge with me, has a collection of bikes and has given me the loan of one for the time being.”

Police have confirmed they are investigating the theft of the two bikes.

Mark, whose Planet X carbon fibre road bike worth £1,500 was stolen from his garage in Blackpool on May 22, said: “It’s a strange twist of fate that people trying to do something good and worthwhile to help others have been stopped by people who have no regard for anyone but themselves.

“If only they would think of the knock on effects of their actions. It’s not just us that have been effected but potentially those we are trying to help too.”

Paul’s Carrera TDF bike was stolen from his home in Thornton on May 24.

Police say his bike is worth around £700.

Anyone who can offer him a replacement bike to borrow should call him on (01253) 955632.

Police inquiries are ongoing in relation to the two thefts. Anyone who has information about where the bikes may be are asked to call Blackpool police on 101.


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