Blind dog left fighting for her life after attack

Picture Martin Bostock
Jane Bain's dog, Mishka who was attacked by  two pitbulls.

Picture Martin Bostock Jane Bain's dog, Mishka who was attacked by two pitbulls.

  • by Alex Ross

A HORRIFIED dog lover was hit with a £1,000 bill when her beloved pet was savagely attacked by two pit bulls.

The blind 10-year-old husky sustained injuries all over its body and was left fighting for its life after the terrifying incident on South Beach, Blackpool.

Stunned owner Jane Bain, of Freemantle Avenue, South Shore, is now encouraging people to be on their guard after the dogs ran off once their owner managed to pull them away from the stricken animal.

She said: “It was terrifying and my family are absolutely devastated to have seen what happened in front of them, and on top of that we are not the richest family that can comfortably afford the bill.

“I’m going to have to try and find that money to save my dog’s life and it doesn’t seem fair.”

Mrs Bain was walking her dog Mishka on South Shore with the rest of her family on Sunday evening when she claims the pit bulls attacked her pet without being provoked.

She added: “She is blind and it wasn’t like she was running around looking for other dogs.

“It couldn’t have happened to a more docile dog.”

Mrs Bain reported the attack to the police and has now raised concerns about the dogs still being loose on the streets and what harm they could do.


She added: “Her injuries are outstanding and she could have died.

“This kind of thing isn’t supposed to happen and the beaches are supposed to be safe.

“I’m worried if they attack a child, because only then would people realise what could happen.”

Mishka was rushed to Rowan Veterinary Centre in Kirkham and underwent two operations to treat her wounds.

Ruth Mackay, senior vet and managing director of the Hillcock Lane practice, said: “The injuries that she has are typical of a dog attack.

“There are nasty injuries that have done a lot of damage to the skin and muscle underneath Mishka and there was quite a large open wound.

“There’s a huge area of her body that has been damaged from her chest back.

“We see the odd dog bite which is cleaned up and treated with antibiotics, but this isn’t anything like that.

“She was in here until Wednesday because we couldn’t stitch the wounds straight away, because they were so infected.”

Blackpool Council’s dog warden confirmed they have received no reports of dangerous animals in South Shore on Sunday night.




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