Award honour for hero cops

PC John Traynor and other emergency services attend to a man who doused himself in petrol and (below) Chief Con Steve Finnigan.
PC John Traynor and other emergency services attend to a man who doused himself in petrol and (below) Chief Con Steve Finnigan.

HEROIC cops who found themselves in life-threatening situations have been rewarded for their courage.

Among those honoured at a ceremony last night were six officers from Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde, who stopped a man doused in petrol from setting himself on fire, disarmed a knife-wielding woman and saved a man from committing suicide.

Chief Con Steve Finnigan

Chief Con Steve Finnigan

They were commended at the Lancashire Constabulary Bravery Awards, which took place at the force’s headquarters, in Hutton, near Preston.

Chief Con Steve Finnigan said: “It makes me feel immensely proud that our frontline officers and members of the public often put themselves into dangerous situations in order to protect and help others or to apprehend offenders.

“Our bravery awards are a chance for us to recognise and celebrate the outstanding bravery, performance, dedication and professionalism of these officers and members of the public.”

PC John Traynor, who has now retired, courageously saved a Turkish man who had doused himself in petrol in Breck Road, Poulton, and was threatening to set himself alight with a lighter he was carrying. PC Traynor attempted to calm the man, who spoke little English, by talking to him before bravely wrestling the lighter and fuel from the man to prevent him from setting himself on fire in June 2010.

Another brave incident saw PC Joanne Collinson wrestle a knife from a woman in Blackpool, who had stabbed herself in the chest and stomach in September 2010.

The woman survived the incident and was treated for her injuries and given support for her mental health issues.

It is believed she would have died without PC Collinson’s intervention.

In January 2011 Special Sgt Sonya Boden, PC Nick Van Deurs Goss, PC Deaglan MacCormaic and PC Colin Walker prevented a man who had slit his wrists from jumping on to the railway line from a bridge in Harrowside, South Shore.

They then stopped the man from bleeding any further and took him to Blackpool Victoria Hospital in a police car.

He was later released into the care of his parents.

Chief Con Finnigan added: “They have gone above and beyond what is expected of them and we want to show our appreciation for their courageous actions.”

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