Couple’s horror attack ordeal

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A WOMAN has told of a horrifying ordeal where she was attacked and threatened with rape by two men.

Deborah Holden, 47, was visiting Blackpool with her partner Raitis Banka, 41, when they were attacked and robbed.

Mr Banka suffered injuries when he was repeatedly punched in the head and his jacket, containing his car keys and money, was stolen.

Miss Holden and her partner, both holidaymakers from Manchester, were left shocked by the incident which happened next to an alleyway on Albert Street, Blackpool, at around 2.30am on Monday.

She said: “We were coming back from a night out when we were set upon by two men.

“They were goading Raitis to fight when one man hit him, then jumped on him and the other threatened me with rape.

“One ripped my partner’s necklace from his body and took our car keys which left us stranded in Blackpool.

“It was a huge shock which is the biggest thing because they intended to rob us and cause trouble.”

The fight between the couple and the men, which happened over the May Day weekend earlier this month, was broken up, but Mr Banka needed hospital treatment once he returned to Manchester.

Miss Holden and Mr Banka also had to be towed home from Blackpool when their car keys could not be replaced.

She added: “It was a really bad experience.

“As well as my partner being injured, there was proof of our address in his jacket, so we had to get the locks changed.

“We were very vulnerable walking through back streets, but we thought it would be quicker than walking along the front.”

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: “We attended the scene and are carrying out inquiries.

“Anyone who witnessed the attack or has any information should contact police on 101.”