Model pins her hopes on longest legs contest

Alexandra Robertson whose legs measure a jaw-dropping 47 inches

Alexandra Robertson whose legs measure a jaw-dropping 47 inches

A stunning Blackpool model is hoping to win an international ‘Ms Longest Legs’ beauty contest crown after discovering her perfect pins are FIVE INCHES longer than the current title holder.

A tall order? Not for Alexandra Robertson whose legs measure a jaw-dropping 47 inches!

The 20-year-old, from Stanley Park, is in her third year of a Musical Theatre degree but she also works as a professional model thanks in part to her amazing pins.

Just this week the world’s press went mad when Russian beauty queen Anastasia Strashevskaya tottered off with the international Miss Longest Legs crown. But the Russian’s legs measure a mere 42 inches - meaning Alexandra would leave her looking decidedly stumpy!

Now Alexandra, who is a model at Angels Elite in Cleveleys, plans to enter the competition next year.

She said: “I’m 6ft 4ins in my high heels and have an inside leg measurement of 37 inches and a full leg length of 47 inches so a Miss Longest Legs competition would make perfect sense!”

Alexandra’s modelling career began when she entered the Miss Blackpool competition at the age of 18.

She is in demand as a taller model, especially for bridal wear and said: “I do get some stares and I suppose I do intimidate men sometimes, especially in my high heels, but it’s not intentional.

“I get lots of people staring in the street and if I am dressed up in heels for a night out in Blackpool there will be plenty of comments, but it doesn’t bother me.

“Because of my height I suppose I can seem quite intimidating so no-one ever says anything really bad to me. I often hear things like ‘do you play basketball?’ but I just turn around and reply ‘no, do you play mini-golf?’ and we end up having a laugh!

But it’s not all smiles being a 6ft 1ins model - getting clothes which fit can be a nightmare.

Alexandra said: “When your inside leg is 37 inches getting clothes to fit, especially fashion clothes, is a bit of a nightmare. In fact in Blackpool it’s near impossible - I have to go to Manchester usually.

“But they are there if you know where to look.

“I do quite a lot of bridal wear photo shoots and I really love that because I can show any worried taller brides-to-be that beautiful dresses are available and they can look elegant. I know how they feel, I’d always worried that I wouldn’t get a wedding dress to fit me!”

Karen Jean Cookson, proprietor of Angels Elite said: “Alex is stunning and clearly has the most amazing legs which make her really stand out from the crowd but she is also an amazing dancer and model and has a fabulous personality.”

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