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Pupils are set to go wild for their new classroom next term!

Anchorsholme Academy has taken delivery of its very own historic tram which is set to be converted into an unusual classroom for lessons.

The ‘Tiger Tram’ gets its name from its distinctive yellow and black stripes which advertised Blackpool Zoo.

It was taken out of service when the heritage trams were replaced by the new Flexity fleet in 2012.

And Anchorsholme ward councillors Tony Williams and Paul Galley have helped fund the purchase of the tram using £4,500 from their ward budget for the school.

Coun Williams, who is also a governor at Anchorsholme Academy, on Eastpines Drive, said the purchase will not only provide pupils with an unusual learning area, it will also safeguard a little bit of Blackpool history.

He added: “Not only have we provided the school with something unique, we have also managed to save a valuable piece of Blackpool’s tram history.

“It will need ongoing maintenance but we have planned for that and hope to get the community involved, including local tram enthusiasts.

“When the children come back to school after their Easter holidays, it is going to be a big surprise for them to see the tram.

“Half of the tram will be set out in a classroom format using the original swing seats, and then it is proposed to remove the seats from the other section so it will have a multi-purpose use.”

Anchorsholme headteacher Graham Dow said: “The original reason for getting the tram was because we needed more classroom space, but we will not restrict what the additional space will be used for.

“For example it will be able to accommodate music lessons and it will also be nice to have somewhere different for children to go at lunch-times.

“It can also be utilised by the community and we hope to invite other schools to visit it. This generation of children will only know the modern trams, but now they can see one of the old ones in the school grounds.”

The tram, which is a Blackpool Brush Railcoach 622, was built in 1937 and was the first one in the town’s fleet to be painted for advertising purposes.

It was originally acquired by the Totally Transport Community Interest Company in 2010, and was in storage at Blackpool Transport’s Rigby Road Depot before being transferred by low loader yesterday to its new home.





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