Swimming river to save officer from machine gun

Lytham Park Crematorium
dated 02/11/1995

Lytham Park Crematorium dated 02/11/1995

A little known grave in Lytham which is the final resting place of a recipient of the Victoria Cross is to be restored.

Sgt Arthur Evans was awarded Britain’s highest military honour in 1918 when his 
patrol came under fire from an enemy machine gun 

His remains are interred in a family grave in Lytham Park Cemetery.

The Government has announced it is giving a £100,000 grant towards a project which aims to restore the final resting places of Victoria Cross recipients to their former glory.

Headstones will be cleaned or replaced.

Sgt Evans’ grave is among four in Lancashire which are to be included in the scheme.

Spencer Leader, president of the St Annes British Legion, said he hoped the initiative would bring more recognition for Sgt Evans’ bravery.

He said: “It is right the graves of soldiers who were awarded the VC are restored so that people in the future can visit the final resting place of a great man.

“To get the VC he must have done something very great as all the soldiers who fought in the First World War were incredibly brave.”

The new funding will give a significant boost to funds already being raised by the Victoria Cross Trust, a charitable organisation that works to ensure the graves of every Victoria Cross recipient are maintained.

Some headstones have become illegible meaning many people are unaware a Victoria Cross recipient is buried in their community.




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