Display to look at rich heritage

Shirley McCartan

Shirley McCartan

A special event to celebrate the rich heritage of a Blackpool community will be held next month.

Historic photos of people from Revoe will line the walls of the community centre alongside images of the area’s past and present buildings.

This year’s display, which will take place on Tuesday, February 4, is open to the public from 12.30pm to 2pm.

Some of the pictures on display will include photographs of families who live in the community.

A donation of £2 will go towards funds for the centre, on Ibbison Court, off Central Drive, Blackpool, and a buffet will be served from 12.30pm for everyone involved.

Shirley McCartan, a member of the organising committee, said: “It is a rather nice get together for a cuppa and a chat about old times.”

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