Music festival attack victim’s horrific injuries

Mindless violence: The moment a yob kicks Jordan  Holmes in the head at the music festival, below, Kicked unconscious: Jordan Holmes

Mindless violence: The moment a yob kicks Jordan Holmes in the head at the music festival, below, Kicked unconscious: Jordan Holmes

This is the moment a music fan was left horrifically injured when he was punched and kicked by a “possessed” thug at a festival.

Jordan Holmes was at the Parklife event in Manchester’s Heaton Park when he was knocked out in an unprovoked attack. The 22-year-old, along with friend Andy Bartholomew, were both hit with blows as they danced to The Martinez Brothers’ DJ set inside the event’s Kaloki Tent on Saturday night.

Images of the shocking attack have gone viral on the internet.

The pictures show the moment the crazed attacker laid into the supermarket worker as stunned revellers cowered away from the vicious assault.

One of his front teeth was kicked out while another was snapped in half by the force of the blows.

Mr Holmes, who works in Sainsbury’s, said: “We were all facing the stage and I could hear a ruckus going on over my left shoulder and people screaming.

“I turned round and there was a circle round this lad, then I got punched.

“I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“The next thing I remember was waking up in a First Aid tent.”

Mr Holmes, of Brough Avenue, Bispham, was kicked in the head as he tried to get off the ground, and suffered injuries to his face, including damage to his four front teeth.

Friend Jake Forshaw, 22, escaped unhurt and was able to pick Jordan up and take him to safety.


He added: “He was just going for anyone and looked possessed.

“There was a girl on the ground then he came towards where we were standing, punched one man, then punched Jordan so he was on the ground not moving.

“When a guy tried to stop him by putting his hands on his shoulders he was headbutted and cleaned out.

“He came back round and saw Jordan trying to push himself up, and he just kicked him in the face with a good bit of power. There was about five people on the floor but the music carried on. I was scared because I had to drag people away.”

The trio managed to escape the barrage of punches and get to a security guard who took them to the First Aid tent.

When Mr Holmes woke up, he was transferred to a bigger facility on the site, and later taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary for an MRI scan and CT scan.

He will now have to have a bridge fitted to replace his missing and damaged teeth.

Mr Holmes added: “It has affected my confidence and it has put me off going to anything like this again.

“I’m disappointed about my teeth and disappointed I didn’t get to see the rest of the festival.

“I could’ve been at home watching the England game, but I was sat in hospital instead.

“I don’t really care about myself, I just want him to be found because he could go out in Manchester this weekend and do the same thing.”

The three friends claim the atmosphere at the festival was threatening and many people there were “looking for a fight”.

One man, Robert Hart, 26, died in hospital on Wednesday after being attacked in a separate incident.

Mr Hart and his girlfriend were in front of the festival’s main stage on Saturday evening watching Snoop Dogg when he was attacked by an unknown man.

Mr Hart was reportedly trying to protect his girlfriend who was being hit repeatedly by an inflatable toy.

The victim was punched to the ground and knocked unconscious during the attack. He was given CPR to try to resuscitate him at the scene by two off-duty medical staff but he died in hospital.

A picture of Mr Holmes being kicked in the head by the stranger has since emerged online, which Mr Holmes has seen.

He said: “Looking back at the picture made me feel sick.

“I feel lucky, but every time I listen to that music it puts me off because it reminds me of what he did to me.”

Mr Forshaw added: “I’m having flashbacks to it. The kick to the head was the worst bit because he just did it over nothing. It was disgusting.”

Mr Bartholomew added: “I remember trying to walk out through all the people but I was covered in blood and didn’t know what was going on.

“The atmosphere was completely different from last year, and when I went back on the Sunday I kept my wits about me.”




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