Ladies, it’s time to donate your bras!

Staff at Blackpool Victoria Hospital and NHS Ambulance staff support for the Big Bra Hunt.

Staff at Blackpool Victoria Hospital and NHS Ambulance staff support for the Big Bra Hunt.

  • by Rebecca Draper

RED, pink or leopard print, it doesn’t matter what colour or size, staff at Blackpool Vic want your bras!

Theatre nurse Hayley Cartmell has launched the Big Bra Hunt, raising money for breast cancer research and collecting bras for Africa, and is ‘fully supported’ by all her colleagues.

“Some have found it hilarious but everyone’s been great.

“We’ve collected more than 100 so far and have put bra banks across the hospital, including one in outpatients unit where members of the public will be encouraged to make a donation,” said Hayley.

“I can’t believe how supportive everyone’s been in bringing their bras in. It’s called the Big Bra Hunt but little ones will do too.”

The aim is to collect 1,000 brassieres and raise much needed funds for the Against Breast Cancer appeal.

They will then be parcelled up by textile recycling firm BCR Global which will ship them to markets in Africa where bras remain too expensive to produce.

BCR Global will donate £1,000 to the charity for every 9,000 bras collected.

Hayley, 24, has been working at the hospital since June, and brought the Big Bra Hunt to work thanks to her mum, Julie, who launched the event at Clifton Hospital in St Annes last year.

The staff in the hospital’s kitchen collected 70 bras during the month of November.

Hayley added: “This campaign is giving these old bras a new lease of life and sending them somewhere they will be well received. It’s not a hard campaign for people to support and with 30 million women in the UK we could really make a difference.”

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