Heart-warming tales as dragon author flies by

St Nicholas primary pupil Leo Frend-Glover chats to Amelia Shearman. Below - Debi Gliori

St Nicholas primary pupil Leo Frend-Glover chats to Amelia Shearman. Below - Debi Gliori

Pupils at a Marton school have been giving their writing a fiery twist after children’s author Debi Gliori paid a special visit.

Debi, an acclaimed Scottish author and illustrator hosted an afternoon talk with Year One and Two children at St Nicholas Primary School as part of their Key Stage 1 ‘reading for pleasure’ project.

Introducing her new book ‘Dragon Loves Penguin’, Debi gave an hour-long presentation explaining how all her illustrations came to life.

Assistant headteacher Debbie Twist said: “The pupils were extremely excited. Debi explained her inspiration behind the illustrations and the texts.

“She also drew a charcoal penguin as she went along which they’ve let us keep.”

“The aim of ‘reading for pleasure’ is to get children interested in reading outside of the curriculum.

“Author visits to schools gives the youngsters a real life experience with their favourite writers and hopefully inspires them into a possible future career.

“Debi even signed copies of the book and spent time with each child while writing her signature in an egg getting the children to guess whether it was a dragon or penguin egg.

“Since her visit the children have been writing their own versions of the book, which is brilliant!”

What came first a misfit penguin or a lonely egg?

Dragon Loves Penguin is a heart-warming tale of judgement and acceptance. A dragon in need of an egg, and an abandoned egg in need of a mummy. When the little egg hatches the baby doesn’t look like all the other dragons and resembles a penguin.

A strong message of parents loving their children no matter what and although other characters are unsure of the ‘misfit’, the feathery dragon soon swoops in to save the day.




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