Grateful patient honours doctor

Dr Falalu Danwata

Dr Falalu Danwata

A grateful patient is honouring the doctor who treated her breast cancer by giving his name to scholarship scheme educating impoverished young people in Kenya.

Charity champion Sue Hayward says her Nigerian-born oncologist, Dr Falalu Danwata, gave her hope and focus during her 18 month treatment at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, for which she had to spent long periods away from the home she has created in Watamu, Kenya.

Former Blackpool hotelier Sue, founder of the charity Children of Watamu, said: “Dr Danwata was so kind, positive and supportive of me during my treatment. He told me to focus forward, that I was an individual and every person was different.

“Due to his support and advice neither my husband Dave nor I ever doubted that I would be well again.

“I can never thank him enough, or those people who educated him and made him into the person he is.”

At home, Sue helped set up the Happy House School looks after 82 children aged from just a few months to 17 years old who are educated there, as well as 130 fay pupils from the community.

She has also set up a free scholarship programme for the 20 most in need children in the town, and she is honouring her doctor, who came from humble circumstances himself, by calling the scheme the Dr Danwata Scholarship.

Sue said: “He once told me education was the most precious gift to any child – something that nobody could ever take away.

“We know that he will be an inspiration to all our students and to all our family.”

Dr Danwata said he was delighted to be giving his name to the scheme.

He said: “Sue is an inspiring and remarkably generous charity worker.

“Following completion of her treatment, I was surprised to hear that Sue and her charity have decided to honour me with naming a scholarship scheme for disadvantaged children in Kenya after me. It is an honour and privilege for me and I have gladly accepted. I’m quite happy to associate myself to this noble cause which will hopefully enable many children to achieve their full potential.”




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