Catch fly-tipping culprits

The piles of rubbish and (below) David Royle in the alley behind his Manchester Road home.

The piles of rubbish and (below) David Royle in the alley behind his Manchester Road home.

Fly-tippers are making residents’ lives a misery on one Blackpool street.

But the worst thing is - they believe it is some of their own neighbours who are blighting the neighbourhood.

The alley at the rear of Manchester Road and London Road has been fitted with alley gates by the council as part of its town-wide scheme to improve security.

It means only residents have access, but huge amounts of rubbish have been fly-tipped.

Now calls have been made for the council to do some detective work and find out who is responsible.

David Royle, of Manchester Road, said: “We have had alley gates for about two years now but they don’t seem to be making any difference.

“Rubbish is being tipped in the back alley on a regular basis and it is down to one or two of the neighbours to get onto the council every time to get it moved.

“It is stuff like kids toys, old mattresses and bin bags.

“A couple of weeks ago there were eight bin bags full of food which were dumped, and they split so there was lots of food debris and of course that can attract vermin.

“This week a mountain of rubbish was left and it was completely blocking the alleyway.

“It was so bad I had real difficulty getting my car out.

“The council do come and clear the rubbish, but it is an ongoing problem and I don’t know how much effort the council is putting into finding the culprits.

“I know they can look for evidence to link the fly-tipping with an address.

“If someone is prosecuted, others might think twice about doing it.”

Coun Gillian Campbell, Blackpool Council’s Cabinet Member for Streetscene said: “Any incident of dumped rubbish is one that we take extremely seriously and we’ve worked quickly to clear this alleyway only recently.

“Where we have alleyways that are becoming problematic we will put the area under observation and work to catch the culprits responsible and, if necessary, prosecuting them.”

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