Classmates' wishes for dog attack boy

GET well soon, Brandon!

School friends of Blackpool boy Barndon Reith have sent their message to the five-year-old who was mauled by a pack of Rottweilers.

Friends from Waterloo Primary School hope their get well cards will put a smile on the brave five-year-old as he prepares to undergo more surgery tomorrow.

Boy, 5, mauled by Rottweilers

The youngster suffered severe head and arm injuries after the dogs he was trying to pet bit him while he was playing by his home on St Heliers Road, South Shore.

His parents, Kev and Josie Reith, are keeping a bedside vigil while he recovers in Royal Preston Hospital.

Mrs Reith, 40, told The Gazette: "Last night he was crying because he was in agony. He's already had an operation to put stitches in his head and right arm. He was hoping to go home today but he's got to go into theatre again. They're worried about infection so they're having to take all the bandages off and re-wash all the wounds.

"He's being so brave. We used to have dogs so he thought they were like ours. He keeps saying 'I'm sorry mummy, I just thought they were friendly like our dogs'.

"The dogs were trying to drag him through the fence. When I saw him covered in blood I was just so upset."

Mark Gray, headteacher at Waterloo Primary School, said staff and pupils are wishing Brandon a speedy recovery. He said: "The class and his teacher are very upset.

"He's a lovely little boy, very caring. It's his first year in school and he really enjoys it. We hope he recovers quickly and comes back to school as soon as he can. His classmates were all upset, they have all drawn a little picture to put on a big card for him."

Police say four young Rottweilers – aged between 13 and 18 months – were behind a gate in their owner's garden on St Heliers Road when the attack took place around 4.30pm on Monday.

Sgt Adam Wrea, who is investigating the incident, said: "The boy has either gone through the garden gate or over the wall to pet the dogs.

"One of the dogs has got hold of the lad's arm and another has bitten around the boy's head. The owner heard some shouting and got the dogs off the boy."

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