Circus speaks out in animals row

A CIRCUS has hit back after Fylde coast families were urged to boycott its show because it features live animals.

Circus Mondao, which is performing in Thornton until August 30, says it rejects claims by animal charity the Captive Animals Protection Society, any of the creatures starring in its showsuffer in any way.

The circus,which includes zebras, horses, goats, llamas and camels, says it has been inspected by animal welfare experts, who were satis?ed.

Petra Jackson, ringmistress at the circus –which is based just off the A585 near Norcross roundabout –said all the animals were looked after to the "highest standards".

She added: "We are atraditional family circus, people only have to visit us to see how well looked after our animals are.

"They are not kept in con?ned spaces or make-shift enclosures.

"Our camels and zebras have alarge paddock, our two Spanish horses are grazing in a?eld and the goats just roam freely around the site.

"Wyre Council animal welfare and the RSPCA have inspected and were satis?ed.

"CAPS started in 1957, when things were very different and back then husbandry in Great Britain as awhole was not of avery high standard. "But times have changed.

"And where do you draw the line of performing animals –dogs who do tricks? Show-jumping horses?

"We just want to show off how intelligent and talented our animals are.

"We offer vibrant, exciting family entertainment – including jugglers, trapeze artists and clowns. When we have been here before, we have packed the place out."