Car call system to save lives

Fylde Euro MP Brian Simpson
Fylde Euro MP Brian Simpson
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FYLDE Euro MP Brian Simpson has welcomed a European Parliament resolution for cars to automatically dial the emergency services if they are involved in an accident.

The resolution recommends all new cars should be fitted with eCall by 2015, a system designed to immediately alert the emergency service if an accident occurs, even if the passengers are unable to do so.

Mr Simpson said: “It is any driver’s worst nightmare to be involved in an accident, and tragically, cases where victims of crashes cannot call the emergency services are not uncommon.

“eCall solves this problem by automatically connecting vehicle occupants to an emergency centre in the event of an accident, while simultaneously transmitting basic data on the crash location to an eCall operator.”

Mr Simpson added “By making eCall compulsory we can ensure even if there is an accident with no witnesses, the emergency services are able to quickly get to the scene.”

According to the Parliament’s report, making eCall compulsory could save as many as 2,500 lives a year, and reduce the severity of injuries by 10 to 15 per cent.

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