Canavan writes Wembley song

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SINGING Seasiders are warbling their way to Wembley after penning their own unique odes to mark the tangerines’ success.

Blackpool entertainer Joey Blower hopes to hear his song blaring out across Wembley after re-writing and re-recording fans’ favourite “The Best Trip”, while The Gazette’s very own Steve Canavan has also had a bash at penning his own song to celebrate the club’s success.

The Gazette's Steve Canavan

The Gazette's Steve Canavan

The Seasiders take on West Ham United in the play-off final on Saturday, and although Joey won’t be at the stadium, he hopes his song will be.

He said: “I’m a football fan and I’ve lived in Blackpool 20 years so I class them as my team now.

“I recorded the song because it’s upbeat and it’s a song the fans sing, and I wanted to add into it the fact they score plenty of goals and get Ian Holloway in there as well.

“We’ve had a very positive reaction to it and I would love it to play out around Wembley and in coaches and cars going down to Wembley.”

The song has already had almost 1,200 internet hits, and Joey has big plans for his ditty if Pool are successful at Wembley.

Click here to listen to Joey Blower’s Blackpool FC Wembley song.

The comedian added: “Hopefully if the players do win they can come in the studio and record their own song, and we can add a verse for their achievements.”

In an attempt to rival Joey’s effort, we gave The Gazette’s very own song-smith Steve 10 minutes to come up with his own ballad – and you can check out his tune online.

Steve, who has been covering Blackpool FC for the past decade and is lead singer in local band Lupa Tom, said: “The office heard Joey’s song, loved it – then said I should have a bash.

“I’ve played guitar for a few years, just as a hobby. But I do like writing the odd tune so I spent 10 minutes jotting down some lyrics and came up with my own little ditty.

“Granted, it’s not got quite the same production values as Joey’s – basically it’s me sat in my bedroom with a guitar and a cheap tape recorder –and I’m pretty sure it won’t go down in history as one of the great footballing songs. But I’ve had a go – I just hope Karl Oyston’s got a sense of humour otherwise I’ll be banned from the ground!”

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