Tax aid alert on travel expenses

Warren Tolley of Warren Tolley Productions Ltd
Warren Tolley of Warren Tolley Productions Ltd
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FYLDE coast small businesses are being urged not to miss out on cash which could prove a real life-line.

Business owners who travel as part of their work could claim back generous tax relief.

Fleetwood-based accountants Jones Harris said that there are likely to be many local firms such as those involved in the entertainments industry who could qualify.

Andy Liddle, Tax Specialist at Jones Harris said business owners were entitled to relatively generous tax free allowances for working outside the normal office environment.

He said his firm are advising anyone who travels around as part of their job to make a claim.

He explained: “If you are the director of your own limited company and you work outside a normal office environment, travelling around the country, visiting clients etc, then you may have no permanent workplace and be entitled to benchmark rates for out of office expenses.

“The tax relief covers the cost of meals and similar expenses for anything over five hours work outside the office, going up to a higher rate for anything over 10 hours – and that’s irrespective of how much you actually spend.

“And the allowances are more generous when you work abroad”.

Warren Tolley is the Managing Director of Warren Tolley Productions Ltd, a local entertainments agency, and found himself working away from home more and more.

Warren said: “I discussed my concerns with Jones Harris and was delighted to learn that my accurate records of all dates when I was working away from home were perfect for them to apply their experience and knowledge to.

“It resulted in a claim for £3,450 of allowances which meant a tax saving of almost £700.”