Sweet dreams in change of name

LIFE is sweet for Blackpool's biggest confectioners.

Tom's Confectionary has changed its name to become part of the Blackpool tradition and will now be known as Tangerine Confectionary.

The Mereside-based factory, which has its base on Clifton Road, employs more than 100 people producing dozens of sweets.

It has changed its name and altered its branding following the purchase of the company by a new management team in January.

The company has had its headquarters in Blackpool since the 1930s and has won dozens of awards for its range of products.

Steven Joseph, one of the principal investors in the new company, said: "The new name symbolises a fresh new start for the business and is part of a strategy to put the company on the road to further growth.

"I hope everyone in Blackpool will be able to share in the ongoing success of the business."

The company produces sugar-based confectionery including famous names such as Mojo and Princess Marshmallows.

Its range also includes branded and own-label gums, jellies, hard-boiled sweets, humbugs and toffees.

This week it has been voted the best own-label confectionery supplier in the country by the leading trade industry publication The Grocer.

And the new management team hopes the re-naming of Tom's will lead to a much sweeter future for the company.

It hopes to expand the factory over the next few years and double the size of the turnover within the factory.

Mr Joseph said: "In the next five years we'd like to double in size.

"We will acquire more firms if anything suitable comes up.

"We are planning to expand production where the market is growing, such as in the area of marshmallows, manufactured at the Liverpool site.

"Child-orientated products, manufactured mainly at Poole, but also at Liverpool, such as jelly beans and fruit drops, are also a growth area."