Shopping centre to become two-storeys

Booths have revealed new proposals to open more stores on the upper floor and (below) Booth's property director Graham Booth.
Booths have revealed new proposals to open more stores on the upper floor and (below) Booth's property director Graham Booth.
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BOSSES behind the multi-million pound redevelopment of Poulton’s Teanlowe Centre have revealed plans to open more stores on the upper floor.

At a meeting of Poulton’s Area Forum, Booth’s property director Graham Booth, told residents he would like to offer shopping space on two levels.

Properties director for Booths, Graham Booth.

Properties director for Booths, Graham Booth.

The North West-based retailer this week submitted its proposals for the redevelopment and upgrade of the Teanlowe Centre, including a huge new Booths store and a first floor cafe.

And at the meeting Mr Booth said he would maintain space for independent shops and consider retail opportunity on the first floor – although that is not currently part of the plans.

He added: “If a shopping centre is over rented we see the voids and I am not in anyway interested to make the rents so high people default on the payments.

“We pride ourselves on being fully let, we have to make it affordable and although the negotiations with traders affected by the new Booths store are confidential, it is our aim to accommodate as many of those who would like to remain in the centre as we can.


“It is the role of Poulton to give a distinctive offering, local businesses are what we want to see and I haven’t spoken to planners about this yet, but we are considering looking at some retail on the first floor as well.”

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The state-of-the-art shopping development is expected to be completed between Christmas 2014 and Easter 2015 and has been valued at £20m.

It will replace the store’s current site on Ball Street which is expected to be let out.

Mr Booth said: “The existing Booths site will remain in our ownership and we will look to let it out to a good high quality retailer to maintain it.

“It is too early to specify who will move in, but at Lytham and Garstang we have let to high quality retailers and it is vital for Poulton and for us to get the best use of the building for the benefit of all the retailers in the town.

“Whether it is split into two is a consideration, we are fully open minded on how we can renovate the building, it is difficult to attract the right businesses but on Ball Street we feel it is a good business opportunity.”

He told residents although he would welcome any discussions with bosses at W H Smith’s, who would have to move to make way for the Booths Teanlowe store, they had not yet expressed an interest in relocating within the centre.

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