Scotty aiming to be a high flyer...

Scott Westgate with a �2500 model helicopter.
Scott Westgate with a �2500 model helicopter.
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A YOUNG entrepreneur is hoping his traditional model shop will take off.

Scott Westgate’s new store also features a virtual model flying facility which can help those new to the pastime to quickly find their wings.

Scott, 24, from Newton, has been flying radio controlled models for 15 years and has been an instructor since he was 13.

Now he is hoping to turn his passion into a business with Scotty’s R/C Models in Poulton Street, Kirkham.

As well as flying aeroplanes and helicopters he offers, cars boats trams as well as tuition for would-be pilots.

He said: “People who are interested in this sort of thing have been desperate for a shop in this part of the world.

“There are a lot of clubs locally, six around here alone, and interest is growing.

“There are lots of competitions throughout the UK and I’ve been taking part for years. Now I am looking to make a carer out of it.

“We’ve had a lot of interest. We get parents coming in looking for presents to get their children off computer games.”

Prior to this, Scott ran his own landscape gardening business in the area.

He admits learning to fly one of the powerful helicopters is a real challenge even for people who have flown model aeroplanes before.

He said this is why they have installed the virtual training system in the shop.

He added: “Just learning to hover is quite a challenge. It can take some people up to five lessons to get the hang of it.

“So with the simulator we can give them a taste of how it feels before they move on to full lessons.”

The simulator uses a huge screen and real controllers which Scotty said makes it 98 per cent realistic. And with the models costing anything from £30 to a whopping £2,500 it pays to learn safely without the risk of wrecking the aircraft.

He said once a beginner has got the basic principles they can graduate on to full lessons which the company gives on a nearby field.