Road to ruin or one-way bus dream?

Cleveleys Bus Station and (below) Martin Hunns, vice-chairman of Cleveleys Traders Association.

Cleveleys Bus Station and (below) Martin Hunns, vice-chairman of Cleveleys Traders Association.

  • by Alex Ross

THE FIRST day of a town’s new one way system has been met with a mixed reaction.

As part of the plans to revamp Cleveleys Bus Station, Rough Lea Road is being transformed into a one way route to improve access to the bus station.

Martin Hunns, businessman and vice chairman of Cleveleys Traders Association, says the one way system will affect residents and traders.

He said: “It’s going to cause chaos for a lot of people and I’m sure the council will get a lot of stick from the people in houses nearby, but it has got to be done for the benefit of the bus station.

“If people live close to the bus station they are going to be going around the streets just to get home.”

The bus station’s £130,000 revamp by Wyre Council and Lancashire County Council has already come under fire from some users who described the design as “baffling”.

Mr Hunns added: “The problem we have is the people who design the plans don’t live in the town and they don’t consult people who live and work here.

“I wish someone had consulted local people with knowledge about the area and they would get it right first time instead of the second or third time.”

Cones and temporary signs are currently marking the route, but will be replaced with permanent road markings and signs by the time it is scheduled to open in December.

This will see the road completely over-hauled, but one trader and community campaigner has called for the road to be pedestrianised to help business.

Ian Prothero, who owns clothes store Fredericks, said: “The answer for Cleveleys is to pedestrianise the town centre.

“That should be done without a shadow of a doubt because the roads either side of Rough Lea Road can carry that traffic.

“More can be done to make the town centre more attractive, which would be another advantage to traders, but we need to put the traffic first and make it more simple for drivers.”

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council and Wyre Council said: “The one way system will be a permanent feature of this section of road and has to be in place to enable operation of the new bus station.

“The bus station scheme which has been built by Wyre Council and jointly funded with Lancashire County Council is to be opened in early December.

“The one-way system which is being introduced in advance of the proposed opening date will also enable highway related construction work to take place.”

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