Parking ban gets town hall go ahead

Kelly Haskett, 29, a customer services advisor at Town Pages Ltd, Blackpool Business Park, South Shore

Kelly Haskett, 29, a customer services advisor at Town Pages Ltd, Blackpool Business Park, South Shore

Transport chiefs have agreed to introduce new parking restrictions on a Blackpool business park – despite objections from some workers.

The move will see single yellow lines painted outside some premises on Amy Johnson Way, but some existing restrictions will be removed.

It is hoped the changes will make the road on Blackpool Business Park safer by improving visibility on bends and access points, while allowing more parking on the straight stretches of carriageway.

Coun John Jones, Blackpool Council cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “The proposal to restrict parking on Amy Johnson Way was brought forward in response to complaints from businesses and road users about congestion and issues with safety and sightlines as vehicles exit junctions.

“Having discussed the issue widely personally, and following a consultation, we have decided we have no option but to go ahead with the restriction for safety reasons.

“While I understand some businesses may be concerned about this issue we feel this is absolutely necessary and would not do so otherwise.

“As with all issues of this nature we will keep the matter under observation to study the effect of the change.”

Some business chiefs and workers had opposed the move because they say poor public transport links to the site in South Shore mean staff must rely on their own cars, but not enough parking has been provided.

Kelly Haskett, a customer services advisor at internet company Town Pages Ltd, and Hugh Evans of the North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, both based on the business park, were among those who said the restrictions would impact on workers and visitors due to the shortage of parking.

Mr Evans said: “Our view is that this is very short-sighted of the council, and they should have considered putting alternative parking arrangements in place before going ahead with these restrictions.

“It could act as a disincentive on a business park which is trying to attract investment.

“We are disappointed and we are not convinced by the safety arguments, so we will be watching to see how it works out.”




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