‘Give other workers better Living standard’

Pictured is Blackpool Town Hall.
Pictured is Blackpool Town Hall.
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More than 200 Blackpool Council employees will now receive a larger pay packet after the authority officially became a UK Living Wage accredited employer.

The national minimum wage for workers over 21 is currently £6.19, but the living wage concept – set on the cost of living in the UK – means no-one working for the council, with the exception of apprentices and interns, now earns less than £7.45 an hour.

Stella Brawn, 50, of Newton Drive, Blackpool, is a domestic assistant who now receives the living wage.

She said: “We’ve now got more money to spend than we did before on things like the weekly shop.

“It also lets us spend more money on our grandchildren, who we can now have over to sleep at our house, as well as taking them out for tea or to the pictures.

“It’s good that this extra money is helping us and is being spent in local shops.”

Council leader Coun Simon Blackburn said the council believes a fair wage should be paid to all workers in the UK.

He said: “All across the town there are people that earn enough that they never qualify for benefits but also earn so little that they struggle on a daily basis.

“This is wrong and we want to set an example to employers that it is not acceptable.

“We made a commitment to paying employees the Living Wage and we have delivered on that commitment.

“It would be good to see other employers follow suit.”

The Living Wage is a concept introduced in the UK in 2001.