Failings found at 60 per cent of tanning salons

More than 60 per cent of tanning salons across Blackpool failed under age sales tests.
More than 60 per cent of tanning salons across Blackpool failed under age sales tests.
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An investigation has exposed failings at a huge number of tanning salons across Blackpool.

The month-long Blackpool Council project, during which every salon in Blackpool was tested, saw more than 60 per cent of shops across the town fail under age sales tests.

Coun Gillian Campbell

Coun Gillian Campbell

Even more, more than 70 per cent, were exposed as having unsafe bulbs which emitted higher than recommended levels of potentially harmful UV light.

Shops are now being told to shape up immediately or face prosecution.

Coun Gillian Campbell (pictured below), Blackpool Council’s cabinet member for public protection, said: “Frankly, I am appalled at the results and I hope this will serve as a huge wake up call to the industry and, in particular, the shops here in Blackpool. Our findings are shocking and we will now mount prosecutions against the worst offenders while others have been ordered to correct the problems straight away or face the same.

“I would urge consumers who use sunbeds to take great care and check with the shops that the beds they are compliant with the European standard safety limit of below 0.3w/m2.

“People need to make wise choices and ensure they are not putting themselves at risk of skin cancer.

“I would also urge parents to ensure their children do not have access to sunbeds.”

A full list of the stores which failed the tests is published below.

Blackpool Council has also published the list online.

When stores are fully compliant and have been re-checked by council officers, the list will be updated to confirm this is the case. Blackpool Council’s public health team urged people to consider alternatives to sunbeds and to remember to protect themselves and their children in the sun.

Dr Arif Rajpura, Blackpool Council’s Director of Public Health, said: “We know that using sunbeds can cause malignant melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer.

“Skin cancer is a problem in Blackpool and we are seeing increasing numbers of people, particularly young people, contracting it.

“It’s important to remember that overexposure to UV light from the sun or sunbeds can lead to skin cancer but that you can protect yourself.

“Consider a safe tanning alternative instead and now that we are coming into spring and hopefully better weather, remember to enjoy the sun safely whether at home or abroad, use shade, clothing and at least SPF30 sunscreen to protect yourself and your kids.”

Each year in Blackpool there are around 240 new cases of skin cancer.


Wattage compliance list

Compliant at first visit:

Sunspot, 14 St Annes Road

Guys & Dolls, 99 Talbot Road

DW Sport, Vicarage Lane

Village Herons’ Reach Hotel, East Park Drive

Trades Hotel, 51-55 Lord Street

Acqua Sauna, 25 Springfield Road

Spindles Gym at Norbreck Castle Hotel, Queens Promenade


Non-compliant at first visit but now compliant:

Absolute Fitness, 32 Waterloo Road

Havana Sunbeds, 87a Coronation Street

Indulgence, 390 Vicarage Lane


Partially compliant at first visit:

Sunnies, 153 Westmorland Avenue 4 of 6 compliant

Sunny Days, 102 Vicarage Lane 7 of 8 compliant

Salon 53, 53 Central Drive 1 of 3 compliant

Tantotal, 149 Red Bank Road 1 of 4 compliant

Tropical Blush, 44 Red Bank Road 1 of 3 compliant

Blackpool Sunbeds, 374 Waterloo Road 1 of 7 compliant

Tan, 2 Devonshire Road 1 of 3 compliant

Sundome, 114 Highfield Road 1 of 10 compliant

Bannatynes, Festival Park, Rigby Road, 1 of 2 compliant



Pamper Time, 87 Waterloo Road

Sunshine Tanning, 29-31 Bond Street

Halo Hair & Nails, 40 Bond Street

Fast Tan, 36 Anchorsholme Lane (1 sunshower since retested and compliant)

Sunbeach, 66-68 Ashfield Road

Bulldogz Gym, 130 Bristol Avenue

4 U… 296 Devonshire Road

Sundays, 27a Layton Road

Sunny Days, 118 Manchester Road

Tantalise, 20 Westcliffe Drive

Layton Tanning Centre, 37 Layton Road

Sunbodies, 213 Bispham Road

Sunkissed, 79 Whitegate Drive

Kabanna, 9a Preston Old Road

La Belle Boutique, 185 Preston Old Road

Beauty Boutique, 294 Highfield Raod

Spartan Sunbeds, 192 Dickson Road

California Sunbeds, 71 Station Road

Universe Gym, Clifton Trade Centre, Brinwell Road

Sunseekers, 14-16 Church Street

Helio Fitness, Newton Drive

Brunswick Gym, 21-27 Bethesda Square

Reform Health Studio, 4-6 Milbourne Street

Sunsation, 9a Daggers Hall Lane


Under age test purchases


Layton Tanning, 37 Layton Road

Beauty Boutique, 294 Highfield Road

Fast Tan, 36 Anchorsholme Lane East

Tan, 2 Devonshire Road



Indulgence, 390 Vicarage Lane

Sunsation, 9a Daggers Hall Lane

Sunkissed, 79 Whitegate Drive

Sunnies, 153 Westmorland Avenue

Tantotal, 149 Red Bank Road

Guys & Dolls, 99 Talbot Road

Pamper Time, 76 Waterloo Road