Drive-in movie time!

The Whyndyke Farm area
The Whyndyke Farm area
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The location of an outdoor, drive-in cinema, which has captured the interest of thousands of residents around the Fylde coast, has been revealed.

Organisers Impact Events has announced the screenings – to take place over three days between October 25 to October 27 – will be held on Whyndyke Farm.

Film lovers will get a taste of the American style drive-in as they sit back in their car and watch films on a 60 metre screen.

Callum McDonald, from Impact Events, said: “We wanted to do something different for Blackpool.

“This is something that is rarely experienced in this country and we are confident it will catch on.

“It is a big hit in America and we have seen in Blackpool and the Fylde that open air concerts are always popular.

“With this you get the outdoor experience but get to stay in your car, so not even the weather can spoil it.”

Each of the three days will offer something for families, film lovers and Halloween enthusiasts with different films on each day.

The plan is to allow 100 cars to each showing at a cost of £15 per car.

Sound for the films will be beamed into cars through FM transmitters so viewers can sit back and watch the film with crystal clear sound through their own stereo systems.

Films will be chosen based on the feedback from residents who have been voting in a poll and showing their interest on social networking site Facebook.

So far the favourites are Finding Nemo, Grease and Nightmare on Elm Street.

Mr McDonald added: “There was not meant to be any secrecy around the project but until we had all the licenses we needed we didn’t want to get people’s hopes up and then have to disappoint them.”

The drive-in will not affect the current events run off Whyndyke Farm such as the car boot sales and paintballing.

It will also not affect the new mental health unit, which is currently being built off Preston New Road.

Entry to the drive-in will be through pre-booked tickets by calling (01253) 767279 or
visiting www.blackpool