Don’t take our precious countryside

Developers want to build 30 homes on land next to Kings Close, Staining.
Developers want to build 30 homes on land next to Kings Close, Staining.
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A developer wants to build 30 new homes in a Fylde village.

The How Planning Group is seeking planning permission for the development on land next to Kings Close in Staining.

The move has led to Coun John Singleton, Fylde councillor for Staining, vowing to protect the area from developers who want to build on open space just because the council has a deficit in its government-set five year housing supply.

Coun Singleton said: “Fylde borough is becoming a building site due to the demands for more housing by central Government in requiring each council to provide a five year housing supply figure. There are huge differences between the housing requirement in London boroughs and the North West.

“In Fylde alone, over the last 12 months, 1,600 new dwellings have been approved by Fylde Council. This cannot be allowed to continue. The government is destroying Fylde’s open countryside.”

Coun Singleton said the Kings Close area was a flood-hit area, and building there would extend the village’s settlement boundary.

He added: “It is in Fylde’s interest that we demonstrate to the Government that adding yet more dwellings is neither necessary nor appropriate. My main aim is to protect Staining and Weeton as much as possible from the developers who are seeking planning permissions on the back of the housing supply situation.”

Earlier this year, councillors on Fylde Development Management Committee granted planning permission for 42 homes on Chain Lane, Staining, on the basis that the council couldn’t demonstrate a five-year housing supply.

Coun Singleton said: “I fear the committee will rubber-stamp these applications until all of our precious open countryside has been replaced by concrete.”