Cuadrilla refute gas flaw claims

Cuadrilla site on Anna's Road , Westby.
Cuadrilla site on Anna's Road , Westby.
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THE firm behind fracking on the Fylde coast has said it can make a “major contribution” to the UK’s energy needs.

A new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance has suggested Britain will not see a shale gas bonanza like the USA – but Cuadrilla Resources said there is shale gas under the UK if politicians have the “political will” to see it extracted.

The firm’s comments also come after Alistair Buchanan, regulator Ofgem’s chief executive, said Britain was facing a looming gas crisis which would increase reliance on foreign imports. A spokesman for Cuadrilla said: “Unless we continue exploration activity, with full consideration of our local communities and the natural environment, we’ll never know the true potential of Lancashire’s shale and what benefits we may be able to deliver in terms of energy security and prices.”

Professor Joe Howe, professor for sustainable development at the University of Central Lancashire, said: “If we do realise the potential of shale gas within west Lancashire then certainly it’s going to enhance the fuel security of the UK.”

But Blackpool and Fylde Green Party do not believe fracking on the Fylde is the way to solve Britain’s energy problems.

Chairman Philip Mitchell said: “This energy gap needs to be filled, but gas should be needed only for a few years.

“Fracking is absolutely not the way to provide it because of the real threats it poses to local health, the environment, and the impacts it would have on the tourist and farming economies.”

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