Brides’ tears over wedding dresses

Laura Johnson and (below) Elizabeth Cullane.
Laura Johnson and (below) Elizabeth Cullane.
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BRIDES fear their weddings will have to be cancelled after a bridal shop went out of business.

Laura Johnson, of Chesterfield Road, North Shore, ordered her wedding dress and six bridesmaids’ dresses from Something Bridal, on Dickson Road, Blackpool.

Elizabeth Cullane

Elizabeth Cullane

Miss Johnson placed the order in February for her big day in June, but claims she could not get in touch with owner Johanna Wilks until last Monday.

When the bride-to-be eventually made contact by turning up at the premises, she was handed a dirty and damaged wedding dress and told the bridesmaids’ dresses could not be completed.

She said: “I’m absolutely disgusted and I’ve just stopped crying after seeing my dress.

“I got a message on Saturday to say it was ready and the bridesmaids’ dresses weren’t too far away, but when I went to get them, nobody was there.

“It looks like something from a second hand shop and that someone has stood on it with high heels because there’s a hole in it.”

Miss Johnson, 28, who paid £425 in cash for the dresses, is now paying another seamstress to repair her dress.

Elizabeth Cullane, 24, from Devona Avenue, Marton, paid £500 for her wedding dress and is still waiting for it.

She said: “The shopowner originally told me she needed half the money straight away so she could make it, but I didn’t hear anything from her after that for 11 weeks.”

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Miss Cullane eventually discovered the business was failing and attempted to get her money back.

She added: “I haven’t slept in days and have had nightmares about this.

“One of the first things you try and get out of the way when you are getting married is your dress and I’ve spent 11 weeks thinking everything was fine.”

Rebecca Denley, 32, from Bispham, claims she is owed £600 for six bridesmaids dresses.

She added: “I had to spend three hours waiting outside her home so I could get my money back.

“I eventually got it back, but I think I might be one of the few.”

Mrs Wilks said: “When deciding to part from the shop I had every intention to carry on trading and fulfil any existing orders.

“But following the rumours that have escalated and the money I have already refunded back to customers, I now have no other option but to cease trading.

“My solicitor has contacted all my customers to make them aware they will receive a full refund of any money paid within 30 days.”

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