‘Blacky’ re-lights Gary Barlow’s day trip fire

The resort has had the backing of superstar Gary Barlow (below).
The resort has had the backing of superstar Gary Barlow (below).

It is the kind of publicity money cannot buy, for when superstar Gary Barlow used Twitter to sing Blackpool’s praises, the message soon spread to his huge fan base.

The Take That idol tweeted to almost 1.4 million followers that going to Blackpool – his children’s favourite treat.

Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow

He tweeted: “I went to Blackpool all the time as a kid. It’s brilliant. Still my own kids favourite trip. And a bag of chips on the way home #weloveblacky.”

Posting a picture of The Tower, he added: “Been filming all day. What about this from my favourite British town #blackpool.”

The comments sparked a debate among Gary’s followers, many of who agreed with the Relight My Fire singer’s feelings about the resort.

It is not clear whether the star was filming in the resort.

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Marketing Blackpool, which must give clearance for any filming in the town’s public areas, said it was not aware of anything.

But Marketing Blackpool managing director Natalie Wyatt said she was delighted with such positive publicity.

She said: “We’re thrilled he has been tweeting so positively about Blackpool. It is great publicity for the town – especially from someone with so many followers.”

Iain Hawkins, head of Merlin’s attractions in Blackpool, said: “Having Gary Barlow saying such great things just goes to support everything we are trying to do in Blackpool.

“The year ahead is going to be so exciting with all our new attractions, the sea front will be finished and on top of that there is going to be a great events programme.

“And hopefully we’ll all be winners this year.”

It’s not the first time Blackpool has proved popular with members of Take That.

In 2005 Robbie Williams filmed scenes for a pop video at the Belle Vue pub on Whitegate Drive and on the Promenade, before returning to Switch On the Illuminations in 2010.

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