Back to drawing board over bridge junction concerns

The junction of Watson Road and St Annes Road in South Shore
The junction of Watson Road and St Annes Road in South Shore

Highways chiefs have today pledged to take a fresh look at a controversial road junction.

Councillors say they have been inundated with complaints since changes were made to traffic signals at the corner of St Annes Road and Watson Road, in South Shore.

It means drivers travelling west down Watson Road must give way to traffic on Marton Drive before reaching the traffic lights at the junction with St Annes Road.

Previously Watson Road had its own traffic signals.

Coun Andrew Stansfield told a meeting of Blackpool Council: “Are we going to see some sense regarding this junction? At the moment it is absolute chaos for anyone travelling through that junction on a regular basis.”

Coun Maxine Callow said: “I feel as though you should go there and close your eyes, set off and hope for the best.

“We have already spent money on it and are going to be spending even more money rectifying this nonsense.

“It is very dangerous.”

Coun Val Haynes added: “There have been major problems there but in fairness to our highways department, they are going to look at the road layout.

“They are also going to do a traffic count and look at how long traffic is stationary, but it is a nightmare.”

Coun John Jones, cabinet member for highways on Blackpool Council, said councillors had been consulted before the changes to the area were made.

He said: “If it has to be put right then that will be at no cost to ourselves.

“If councillors do want to meet on site, I am happy to meet with councillors and officers to look at things.”

The signals were altered as part of the council’s private finance initiative with Eon to upgrade street lighting and traffic lights across the whole town.