Brother stabbed in back

Joseph Clarke, 19, of Braithwaite Street, Blackpool, has been jailed for nine years after stabbing his brother.
Joseph Clarke, 19, of Braithwaite Street, Blackpool, has been jailed for nine years after stabbing his brother.
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A MAN was left to die in the street when his teenage brother stabbed him in the back in a row over a protein shake.

Joseph Clarke, 19, of Braithwaite Street, Blackpool, has been locked up for nine years after he came close to killing his brother when he plunged a six-inch kitchen knife into his back.

Preston Crown Court heard how Benjamin Clarke, 24, needed two emergency operations and had to have a kidney removed following the horror attack on March 14.

The victim today told The Gazette: “He is no longer a brother of mine after leaving me to bleed to death.”

The brothers became embroiled in a furious fight when Mr Clarke found his younger brother had taken his protein shake.

Once the fight had broken up, Mr Clarke suggested they both calm down by taking cannabis.

But, as they waited to receive the drug on Lilly Street, Blackpool, the younger brother pulled out a knife and stabbed his sibling.

As his brother fled the scene Mr Clarke managed to stumble in to a nearby shop where staff called an ambulance.

Jeremy Grout-Smith, prosecuting, said: “The blade went in beyond the hilt and the handle of the blade came off which was thrown away by the offender.

“Benjamin described the blow as a ‘good punch’, so it was obviously done with some force.

“He tried to pull the blade out but couldn’t when he saw how deep the blade was and this was probably a good thing.

“The stabbing was a pre-meditated attack and he took the knife from the house for that purpose.”

Mr Clarke spent 10 days in Blackpool Victoria Hospital undergoing lifesaving surgery, but has encountered a number of problems.

He suffers from regular nightmares and flashbacks of the attack and has trouble sleeping because of the pain.

He has been told he will never play sport again.

Clarke pleaded guilty to a charge of wounding with intent and Judge John Bromley-Davenport sentenced him to nine years in a young offenders’ institution.

Judge Bromley-Davenport said: “You saw a chance to attack your brother, you armed yourself with a knife and attacked him by stabbing him in the back.

“You did nothing to help him, you just left him there. It was through the skill of the medical profession he didn’t lose his life.

“He had severe injuries and it’s lucky for both of you that he didn’t die because you would be facing a murder charge.”

Following the sentence, Mr Clarke said he has disowned his brother and plans to move on with his life.

He said: “Considering what he did to me and his nonchalant attitude in court, I’ve no feelings towards him.

“He is no longer a brother of mine after leaving me to bleed to death.

“I hope he serves his time and gets help, but I have drawn a line under my family.

“I have a daughter and a girlfriend and I’m going to focus on that.”

The dad-of-one was involved in voluntary work before the attack and says he intends to carry on helping others when he is able to.

He added: “When you are in hospital and are given a 20 per cent chance of survival, it’s a big relief to pull through.

“I just have to focus on the positives rather than the negatives because if you don’t it will drag you down.

“I’m looking to work with kids with drug and alcohol issues to stop things like this from happening and raise awareness of knife crime.”

Paul Robinson, defending, said: “This offence was extremely serious and there are a number of aggravating factors.

“There is no doubt Joseph Clarke had a difficult upbringing and those difficulties were exacerbated by his relationship with his brother which turned sour.”

Det Con Marc Armstrong, of Lancashire Police, added: “I’m very pleased with the verdict.

“It’s a significant sentence for what was a pre-meditated, nasty stabbing. It’s a sad but serious case and the judge reflected the seriousness with a lengthy prison sentence.”