Blinded by the victim he started to beat up

Joey Hoban
Joey Hoban
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AN intruder who attacked a man in a Blackpool home ended up blinded in one eye when a knife was used in self-defence, a court has heard.

Preston Crown Court heard how Joey Hoban, 24, had repeatedly hit the victim with a knuckleduster.

But he came unstuck when the man armed himself with a knife which ended up going through the bridge of the defendant’s nose, resulting in an optic nerve being severed and him being left blind in one eye.

Hoban, of Hawes Side Lane, Marton, was appearing for sentencing having earlier pleaded guilty to a charge of burglary inflicting grievous bodily harm. The incident took place in January this year at an address on Croasdale Walk, Grange Park.

The court heard how Hoban went to the address and forced his way inside when the door was answered.

The defendant confronted the man inside.

He picked up a knuckleduster and went on to beat the victim about the head, face and body. This caused cuts, buises and grazes to the man’s face and head.

The victim then managed to arm himself with a knife.

He was able to get the better of Hoban and used the knife to stab him a number of times.

A stab wound between the eyes caused him to lose sight in one eye.

The judge, Recorder Andrew Menary QC, told the defendant: “It will be a lifelong consequence for you of this night of violence.”

Virginia Hayton, defending, said Hoban had gone round to see why Mr Kerr had allegedly been in a violent altercation with mutual friends.

She added: “The defendant was stabbed to the bridge of the nose and the blade of the knife entered into the back of his eye and severed an optic nerve.

“A puncture wound damaged his lung. His lung has now collapsed on two occasions since he has been in custody. There are concerns he may lose the sight in his other eye. He is not the cocksure young man that he used to be.”

The judge told Hoban he had an unenviable record. This included a conviction in 2005 for the serious offence of wounding with intent.

He added: “In the past you have been a thoroughly violent and potentially dangerous young man.

“I accept you now feel a degree of remorse.

“You have an aspect to your character which badly lets you down and has done so frequently in the past.

“You have sustained a very significant injury which will have long-term and profound consequences for you.

“Only an immediate prison sentence can be imposed.”

Hoban was handed a 23-month jail sentence and a three-year restraining order was made.