Blaze drama at waste depot

Fire engine
Fire engine

TWENTY firefighters tackled a blaze at a waste disposal site in Marton after seven tonnes of rubbish set alight.

Four crews and an aerial ladder platform from South Shore, St Annes and Blackpool were sent to the scene at Blackpool Council’s waste transfer site on Ashworth Road at 10pm yesterday.

When firefighters arrived at the scene they were met with the sight of smoke billowing from the main building, which contained 120 tonnes of rubbish.

They worked desperately for three hours to get the fire under control.


Crew manager Steve Milner, from South Shore Fire Station, told The Gazette investigators did not believe the incident had been an arson attack at the site.

He added: “The building was secure so it is not being treated as a deliberate fire.

“There was 120 tonnes of rubbish in the building and the fire was deep seated within the rubbish.

“It wasn’t all burning at once, it eats away at it slowly.”

The fire caused damage to corrugated steel panels and electrical wiring in the building itself.

Council officers were on standby and helped move away some of the rubbish so the blaze would not spread any further than it had.

Mr Milner added: “The council had to transfer a lot of the rubbish on to the forecourt.”