Blackpool glamour takes a bow in pages of Vogue

Kate Moss dressed in Stageworks' Showgirl costume for Vogue Magazine. Photograph by Mario Testino
Kate Moss dressed in Stageworks' Showgirl costume for Vogue Magazine. Photograph by Mario Testino
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Celebrity model Kate Moss’s latest photo session in fashion bible Vogue features a showgirl costume made in Blackpool

The outfit from resort costume designers Stageworks Worldwide Productions appears in the latest edition of the magazine.

The shot is part of the “Kate’s World” photo series showing Kate Moss in various guises and costumes.

In the latest, she dresses as a showgirl backstage in a crystal-jewelled bra that made its appearance in the 1994 Hot Ice show and a leotard from this season’s Hot Ice Performance.

Janet Walker, Director of Entertainment at Stageworks, said: “In August we had been contacted by a designer at Vogue, a lady who was organising the shoot.

“She was looking for a costume for Kate and she went through all of our wardrobes.”

Janet was unaware their costume had been chosen for the shoot by famed photographer Mario Testino until shortly before Vogue hit the shelves.

Janet said “We had no idea whether it would be used at all.

“We let them come and she took a few pieces away.

“When we found out we were over the moon.

“It’s top of the tree, we were so excited and Kate looks amazing.

“This is the first time Stageworks has worked with Vogue and believes that it can only lead on to bigger and better things.

“This gives us a higher profile, it’s a higher profile for Stageworks and Blackpool, it’s not just about the Pleasure Beach it’s about what we can provide.”

Vogue stylist Elizabeth Avey got the opportunity to rifle through racks of beautiful clothes at the Stageworks Wardrobe Department, which does not just provide costumes for productions in Blackpool, but also for customers all over the world.

Amanda Thompson OBE, President of Stageworks, said: “I’m absolutely delighted that one of our costumes has been featured within Vogue and I think Kate Moss looks amazing, as always.

“It’s great recognition to our wardrobe team who create bespoke costumes for not only shows around the world but couture for individuals, too.”

Stageworks Worldwide Productions was established in 1983 with the intention of becoming one of the biggest names in stage show design and costuming and now, 30 years later, the company is making good on its intentions.

Stageworks have been behind the costumes for shows across the world, including: Startime On Ice at Myrtle Beach in America, Laser on Ice at Monte Carlo and Switzerland, Europa Park in Germany and Blues in the Night in New Orleans.

The December issue of Vogue is on sale now