Bite attack on pregnant girl

Steven Molyneux
Steven Molyneux
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A MAN who bit his pregnant girlfriend during a vicious attack was today behind bars.

Preston Crown Court heard how Steven Molyneux punched the victim numerous times, pulled her hair, bit her hand and banged her head against the floor.

He had forced his way into her home in North Shore, on January 30, in breach of a restraining order not to contact her following previous attacks.

Molyneux, of no fixed address, had earlier pleaded guilty to offences of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, criminal damage and acting in breach of a restraining order.

The court heard how the defendant had turned up at her home. She thought he was drunk and told him he could not go in.

But Molyneux kicked at the door to gain entry and lunged at her to cut the line off as she tried to ring the police.

Jeremy Grout-Smith, prosecuting, said the defendant denied at any time kicking or stamping on her despite admitting assault.

He told the court the victim had run upstairs and jumped on the bed. Molyneux followed her and punched her to the head numerous times, causing a lump to her eye.

The bed collapsed under the strain of the vicious assault.

Mr Grout-Smith added: “As she fell, he grabbed her hair and banged her head against the floor.

“He also got her hand and bit her, extremely hard, she said.”

It was alleged he then went on to stamp and kick her, something Molyneux denied.

Somehow the phone line had stayed open and police attended, having heard the violent attack over the line.

The court heard Molyneux had 78 previous offences on his record. Some related to violence towards the same woman.

Martin Hackett, defending, said the defendant had already been on remand for more than a hundred days.

He added: “He has still got time to rectify his position and become a useful member of society.

“The defendant would wish me to point out he himself doesn’t blame the victim. He accepts by him taking drink he acted in a disgraceful manner, causing injuries to his then partner.”

Judge Anthony Russell QC told Molyneux he had caused the woman a nasty bruised eye.

He added: “It must have been a very upsetting episode. The incident itself is a serious one because it has to be understood that orders of the court, such as restraining orders, are intended to be obeyed and if they are disobeyed then punishment will follow.

“The assault itself was also serious, in my judgment, although the injuries were not that serious. It wasn’t just one punch, but a sustained attack on your part.

“You are a man who has a history of committing violence upon others, including previous assaults on this woman.

“It is necessary to make it clear to you and others behaviour of this kind will not be tolerated.”

The judge gave him a 12-month jail term.