Bispham and Norbreck Gala

A MARVELLOUS mix of marching bands and morris dancers helped make Bispham Gala a massive success.

The crowds cheered on the parade, which included children in fancy dress, youngsters from the Boys and Girls Brigades, and various visiting gala queens and their retinues.

After wending its way round the village, the procession arrived at the gala field on All Saints Road where entertainment was provided by groups including the Singleton Cloggers and the Poulton Samba Band.

Guests of honour were Blackpool Mayor Coun Allan Matthews and Mayoress Mrs Angela Matthews, who performed the crowning ceremony for incoming Gala Queen Brogan McKeane and Prince Charming Cassie Cunningham, representing St Bernadette's Church. Gala chairman Nick Hamilton said: "Everything went very well and the sunny weather meant we had a very good attendance.

"A few weeks ago our gala hut was broken into three times and all the crockery was smashed, but we managed to get it replaced so the mayor could have his tea."

Westcliffe Primary School was named winners of the gala poster competition.