Bernie’s in a flap!

Comedian Bernie Clifton with the parking ticket he received on Springfield Road, Blackpool.
Comedian Bernie Clifton with the parking ticket he received on Springfield Road, Blackpool.
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COMEDIAN Bernie Clifton’s sidekick Oswald the Ostrich was ready to bury his head in the sand when the comic was slapped with a parking ticket.

But since the veteran funnyman made a song and dance about the parking fiasco on Springfield Road, central Blackpool, the council has agreed to review signage on the street.

The entertainer paid for a ticket up to 6pm, as directed by a sign, before heading to North Pier, where he is presenting his Family Laughter Show every Tuesday.

Bernie, who is famed for appearing on stage with Oswald the Ostrich, says he was astonished to discover a parking ticket on his return saying he had parked in a taxi rank.

He said: “I was bemused, it’s a bit of a head scratcher. Oswald was wanting to stick his head in some sand, he couldn’t take it anymore.

“The sign said pay and display between 8am and 6pm so I did as the regulations said and put my £2 in to make sure my ticket took me up to 6pm.

“It’s pretty ambiguous. It lures you into thinking it’s pay and display but then it changes into a taxi rank.

“I couldn’t see anything which indicated that”

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Bernie, whose variety show is running throughout the summer season until September 4, faces a £70 fine, which will be reduced to £35 if paid within a fortnight.

Blackpool Council say there are signs in place to explain the parking rules on Springfield Road but officers will review them to ensure they are as clear as possible for drivers.

Russ Weaver, head of neighbourhood services, said: “There are two small areas of Springfield Road where the parking on the road is dual purpose.

“This means they can be used by people driving into town during the day, but will be reserved for taxi use only during the evening, when there is a need for more taxi spaces.

“At both of these spots on Springfield Road, there are signs which indicate that only taxis can stop in the area after 9pm to reinforce the dual purpose nature of the space.

“However, we would always want to be fair to motorists and we will take a fresh look at the signage in this area to make sure it is as clear as it possibly can be.”

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