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Lydia Daven with daughter Megan, aged eight and son William, seven. Lydia from Clifton, has scoliosis
Lydia Daven with daughter Megan, aged eight and son William, seven. Lydia from Clifton, has scoliosis
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MUM-of-two Lydia Daven is celebrating after she managed to avoid dangerous spinal surgery through exercises she can perform in her own front room.

The 38-year-old had tried physiotherapy, Pilates and other treatments to correct her curved spine, but was told her only option was surgery, major spinal fusion surgery.

And as a mum of two young children – Megan, eight and William, seven – this was not an option she wanted to take.

The major operation could have been potentially dangerous and taken a great deal of recovery time and there was no guarantee the pain – caused by Lydia’s Scoliosis – would have disappeared for good.

It would have seen metal rods inserted either side of her spine, before her spine was fused solid.

But after booking in for a course run by a specialist clinic in London, she was able to avoid going under the knife.

It has also meant an end to the daily excruciating pain she was suffering, along with shortness of breath and exhaustion.

Teaching assistant Lydia, from Clifton, said: “I am so excited at the prospect of waking up each day without being in pain.

“I thought I was going to have to agree to surgery and thought I was going to have to give up working with children.

“I really could not cope with the idea of my pain getting any worse and for a long time, the only advice I was given was to go under the knife.

“But now I feel strong and confident again and my back looks better than it did when I was a teenager!

“It really is amazing. My lungs are working properly again and it really is all down to a few simple exercises I can do in my living room.”

Lydia was diagnosed with Scoliosis – which causes the spine to excessively curve sideways and if left untreated can cause fatal heart and lung problems – when she was 17 after her parents noticed her shoulder blades protruding on one side of her back.

At the time, doctors said her condition was fairly mild and did not warrant treatment and she had no problems with her pregnancies.

As a busy mum she was to used running round after youngsters, but knew something wasn’t right when she started to get excruciating pain across her back.

Physio did help reduce some of the pain, along with Pilates, but it would always return and she found herself “living on pain killers” and having to say no to her children when they asked her to run after them in the park.

But after doing research, she found Scoliosis SOS, founded and run by Erika Maude, who has the condition herself and offers the ScolioGold method – a combination of internationally renowned non-surgical treatments practiced separately in Europe for several decades.

She was able to structure the course around her lifestyle to fit in.

Lydia said: “Within a few days, my pain started to reduce and by the end of the course, I no longer needed to take the pain medication I previously had to rely on.

“I started to feel physically and mentally stronger. I felt like I had more energy, explained by the fact I was now making full use of my lungs again.”

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