Attacker ‘in last chance saloon’

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court

A MAN has walked free from court after admitting he launched a violent attack armed with a beer can.

Lee Nobbs struck out after he clashed with a man on a Bispham street.

Several weeks earlier there had been a disagreement over two mobile phones.

The attack resulted in the victim suffering an eye problem, as well as migraines and a swollen cheek.

Nobbs had reportedly said at the scene “I warned him. He wouldn’t listen and that’s the result.”

Nobbs, 28, of Lyddesdale Avenue, Anchorsholme, pleaded guilty to a charge of unlawful wounding.


Peter Horan, prosecuting at Preston Crown Court, said the incident arose in March when the victim had been on Kincraig Road, Bispham, having gone to collect his child from school.

He decided to nip to a shop for some cigarettes and on the way came across the defendant who was carrying a Spar bag.

The subject of the phones came up in conversation and Nobbs was said to have become aggressive, putting his face into the man’s face and saying “Who do you think you are talking to?”

The defendant went on to headbutt him and then punched him, while holding a can in his hand.

Chris Hudson, defending, said Nobbs had not sought out a confrontation.

The other man had approached him, he suggested, but the real violence was from the defendant.

“He didn’t want the complainant in his face, but he has ended up assaulting him, hitting him in the face with a beer can,” said Mr Hudson.

“The root cause of his problems is drink and his behaviour.

“I have told him this is last chance saloon.”

Nobbs was given nine months prison, suspended for two years, with two years supervision and a three month-long curfew to operate from 8pm-6am each day.

Passing sentence, the judge passing sentence told Nobbs he had come within a whisker of going to prison.