Anger over window break

The window of Home Comforts, on Ball Street, Poulton, was broken when a drunk man fell into it.
The window of Home Comforts, on Ball Street, Poulton, was broken when a drunk man fell into it.
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A shopkeeper today told of his anger after the window of his Poulton store was smashed when a drunken reveller fell through it during a night out in the town.

Frank Whiteside, who runs the Home Comforts store on Ball Street, is among business chiefs in the area calling for more to be done to tackle late-night nuisance behaviour at the weekends.

He says he is facing a repair bill of around £600 after a drunk man fell through the window in the early hours of Sunday.

But police have rejected claims the problems caused by the town’s thriving night-time economy is getting “out of hand”, saying extra officers are out on patrol in Poulton at weekends.

But Mr Whiteside said: “Every single weekend, it seems like something happens.

“It’s getting out of hand – it’s ridiculous.”

He said he was aware of four other incidents involving damage to shops on Ball Street in the past year.

Carol Woolley, of Poulton in Bloom, said the problem was not helped by the fact police have returned to the station by the time some venues close.

“It’s not the restaurants or pubs that are the problem,” she said. “It’s the late-night clubs.

“It’s not fair because it’s affecting the day-time retailers – we’re getting window after window boarded up.

“I don’t want to knock our town – it’s a lovely town – but it’s got to the point where you pray for bad weather at the weekend so these people just get in a taxi and go home.”

However, police said the increasing numbers of people heading to Poulton on a night out have prompted them to put more officers on the streets – at a time when the force is facing dwindling resources because of huge Government savings targets.

Insp Steve Bell said the incident at Home Comforts was “accidental”, with the man suffering serious injuries when he fell through the window.

He added: “Poulton has changed – it is really busy now.

“A lot of people from out of town come for a night out.

“Poulton benefits from an increase in patrols – because that is where the volume is – and there are still police working 24/7.”v