Anger at permit parking plan

Residents only parking plans on 29 streets, including Grange Road, in Layton have been met with anger.
Residents only parking plans on 29 streets, including Grange Road, in Layton have been met with anger.
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A businessman claims a plan to introduce residents’ parking permits near his premises will ruin the employment chances for scores of youngsters.

Neighbours and business owners in Layton have until October 10 to register their objections to the scheme proposed by Blackpool Council for Layton.

Council chiefs want to introduce residents only parking in 29 streets in the area.

The decision follows complaints from residents angry at patients and visitors at Blackpool Victoria Hospital and students from St Mary’s School sixth form parking outside their homes.

But Stephen Harrison, who runs Salon 142 and a neighbouring training company for hairdressers next door in Grange Road, says the plan could spell disaster for his company. He said: “We’ve been in business for more than 30 years at this address and employ 12 people at the moment. The training side of things employs another eight.

“This will affect us badly. We deliver vocational training to 60 trainee hairdressers and, if this goes ahead, neither they or salon customers will be able to park within half-a-mile of my business.

“It’s a crazy idea. I appreciate the feelings of the residents, but this could spell disaster for my business and for many others.

“If it goes ahead, the only way to get to Layton will be by using public transport and not everyone is in a position to be able to do that.

“With the new parking restrictions we will not be able to carry on with our businesses . We will not be able to trade as we have customers to both premises with their own personal transport.

“This means our customers will not use our businesses as there is no parking in the area.

“This means more empty shops, leading to businesses closing down and a rise in unemployment.”

The proximity of the hospital and St Mary’s School sixth form means parking in the area is at a premium.

Mr Harrison says the council should consider introducing a two-hour parking limit for visitors instead of the residents only scheme.

And, despite residents’ concerns leading to the proposals, not everyone in Layton is happy.

One resident of Birchway Avenue, who asked not to be named, said: “I have lived on this street for 21 years and most of the neighbours have lived here for years and years.

“I am disgusted the council want to make it residents parking only on one side of the road, which will cause chaos.

“Every one other than two or three houses are all car owners and would not be able to park outside their houses.

“My husband is disabled and cannot walk very far so for me it would be a nightmare to park on Newton Drive and walk up, especially in the winter.”

Coun John Jones, Blackpool Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “We are currently consulting the public on a proposal to introduce residents parking on many residential streets in Layton.

“This comes in response to requests from residents in the area.

“I would urge anyone with an interest in the proposal to take part.

“Once the consultation deadline finishes we will then review all the responses – such as those from businesses in Layton – and address as many of the concerns as we can.

“I’m always happy to speak to businesses about the highways issue they face.”