Affordable home call for pub site

The Blue Anchor Inn in Greenhalgh.
The Blue Anchor Inn in Greenhalgh.
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Concerns were today raised over the lack of affordable housing on the site of a former pub.

Councillors at a meeting of Fylde’s development management committee, voiced their concern over the plans to demolish the Blue Anchor Inn on Fleetwood Road, Greenhalgh, near Kirkham, and replace it with 14 homes.

Despite the objections, the range of two and three storey homes were approved along with a new road layout at the A585 Medlar Lane junction and a new bus stop.

Coun Heather Speak called for the application to be refused because it did not provide enough affordable housing for the area.

She said: “I get really depressed listening to the plans for sites where we can’t get affordable housing.

“You can have lovely affordable homes in that area.

“I agree this is a useful opportunity to develop a brownfield site, but where else in this location can you incorporate three storey high homes.”

Coun Maxine Chew welcomed the development of the road, but urged councillors to consider other options for developments.

She added: “One thing I really want to push for is the right turn lane to be demolished because it’s an extremely dangerous junction.

“On a site like this we would normally expect and demand there should be affordable housing.

“If they are not going to provide affordable houses they must look at using local labour.”

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Coun Linda Nulty also raised concerns about housing and the development of the bus stop.

She added: “I want to see this site tidied up but I have a lot of concerns about it.

“The fact is people that live here won’t be getting on a bus and I would rather see that money going towards affordable housing.”

Coun Tim Armit supported the development.

He added: “I went to the site and it’s a great site.

“The homes are extremely generous and if they are sold for between £180,000 to £200,000 it’s a great income.”

After the successful ruling, Stephen Heaton, construction director for Kingswood Homes, said: “It has been a long hard slog to get here. We have been working with the council who have been very supportive and we are relieved.

“The issue is with the Government because there are no funds available for affordable housing and it’s not viable.

“Unless the Government look at grants there will never be affordable housing.”