Abbie is doing it for the kids

Abbie with her brothers Ryan and Jamie.
Abbie with her brothers Ryan and Jamie.
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CALLOUS intruders who ransacked the home of a grieving family are not enough to stop a determined youngster from raising money for charity.

Despite a year of trauma and heartbreak Abbie Weber, just nine, has vowed to give her all to raise money for other children.

The Devonshire Primary School pupil has been through more than any child should have to this year but is still raising hundreds of pounds for Children In Need by having her hair cut off.

Abbie’s dad Danny died tragically in January this year, aged 29. Just 24 hours later her family’s home on Caunce Street, Layton, was broken into, ransacked and burgled.

The burglers took everything, including cash, jewellery, electronics and even paperwork, the children’s toys and bedding.

Abbie said: “My dad died, and then our house was burgled. The house was really messy and I felt really unhappy.

“Then people at school were calling me names and picking on me.

“ I’m sad because dad died. It’s been really hard.

“I wanted to help other children though, we’ve done charity things at school before so I knew about it.”

Now Abbie is preparing to cut her hair almost as short as brother’s Jamie, 10, and five-year-old Ryan to raise money.

Friends, family and teachers from her school have already helped Abbie beat her original target of raising just £20, donating a total of £125 but the Year 4 student hopes to raise much more.

She said: “My dad loved my hair long, I think he’d think I was daft doing this but I know he’d be proud.”

Mum Hayley, 31, an accounts manager at Rawcliffe and Co Accountants, said: “All three children have blown me away with how brave they are. That week was the worst week of my life but if they can do it, I can do it.”

Abbie will be joined by Pudsey the Bear and camera crews from the BBC as she has her hair cut off on November 10 at Isis on Whitegate Drive, Blackpool.

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