A welcome return for ‘kidnapped’ bin

Jane Pugh
Jane Pugh
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AN angry resident has been reunited with her wheelie bin which was confiscated by town hall officials when they found it out of place.

Last month, Fylde Council repossessed Jane Pugh’s bin when she fell foul of a council rules banning the containers from alleyways.

But Ms Pugh, of Buckingham Road, Ansdell, claimed her grassy garden meant the only place she could store her wheelie bin was in a small ginnel behind her home – which the council agreed to,

But when eagle-eyed officers spotted the bin in the main alley three times – a few feet from where it should be – they pounced and demanded £30 to reunite Ms Pugh with her bin.

However this week council officials returned the wheelie bin without charge.

But the mum-of-one has been warned her bin “will be monitored”.

Ms Pugh said: “The council must have realised how ridiculous it had become.

“When it first happened I wrote to the chief executive and told him I wanted my bin back because the situation was ludicrous.

“A few days later he wrote to say they were going to bring it back and they did return it, much to my relief. “I asked if they could trust me to keep the bin in the right position, although I couldn’t guarantee it would be perfectly placed but I was told they would continue to monitor it.”

Ms Pugh’s problems began in July when residents were asked to move their bins from the alley.

In August her bin was confiscated for the first time.

Later that month council officials found the bin out of place again and warned her and later workers reported the bin was in the right place.

Then in September, officers found the bin out of place again and it was removed.

Allan Oldfield, of Fylde Council’s customer and operation services, said: “We received complaints about the bin being abandoned in the alleyway and had to respond to those complaints,

“Ms Pugh had her bin out for five weeks despite three letters asking her about it.”