A real gift of Hope

Tracey Hope has started her own Hope campaign for the elderly.
Tracey Hope has started her own Hope campaign for the elderly.
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Tracey Hope has a big ambition.

She is aspiring to live up to her name and spread joy and hope among lonely older people.

Tracey, who owns Hope Residential Care Home, on Waterloo Road, South Shore, is setting up her Gift of Hope Campaign, in a bid to make all elderly people feel cared for.

She already provides birthday and Christmas presents for any of her residents who don’t have any family.

But she now hopes to extend this across the Fylde coast and is aiming for the idea to take off nationally.

Tracey said: “A lot of people in care homes have no family, or their family live far away and don’t see them. I just thought everyone should have a gift on their birthday or at Christmas to know someone has thought about them.

“So I started doing that, but then I decided I wanted to make it bigger and spread it across the whole Fylde coast, maybe even the country.

“I’ve worked in the care industry for years and worked my way up to being an owner and I’ve seen some great work over the years, but also some examples of how not to do things and how difficult it can be sometimes and feel like you’re hitting your head against a wall.

“I am determined to make everything person-centered, because people are what matters the most.

“I feel really strongly and passionately a care home should be a home away from home.

“And small things really can make a big difference.”

Tracey is currently having meetings with organisations to find out about funding and opportunities.

But she hopes members of the local community will also get behind her plan and help out by donating presents – or their time.

“The greatest gift of all people can give anybody is time.

“Perhaps they can volunteer for a few hours – to sit with someone and have a cup of tea, play a board game with them and so on.

“The Gift of Hope campaign also provides end of life presents with information, phone numbers for support, with a checklist of important decisions and advance planning and inspirational and uplifting quotes.

“It’s a gift to show someone has thought of them.”

Anyone who would like to get behind Tracey’s Gift of Hope Campaign, can contact her at the home on (01253) 401853 or on 07513 347913, or can drop a present into St Cuthbert’s Church, on St Annes Road, South Shore.