‘20mph signs will not work’

The junction of Lodge Lane, The Village and Station Road
The junction of Lodge Lane, The Village and Station Road
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RURAL councillors have hit out at plans to lower speed limits, claiming selfish drivers will continue to flout the law.

Lancashire County Council chiefs want all residential streets to become 20mph zones by 2015 by putting signs in place in a bit to shame drivers into slowing down.

But those representing Fylde’s villages said the plans will do nothing to curb speed.

Singleton and Greenhalgh Coun Maxine Chew recently took part in a police crackdown on speeding drivers through her village, and believes signs alone will have little impact and more is needed to force drivers to take their foot off the accelerator.

She added: “The police clocked numerous people driving at excessive speeds through Singleton village and the sad thing was a substantial amount of those people were local.

“That upsets me because it’s local people going on at me all the time to get the police out.

“I don’t think signs alone will work, they won’t make any difference.

“If people don’t stick at 30mph they will be much less likely to stick at 20mph.”

All district and parish councillors in Fylde and Wyre are being consulted on the plans, which would see speed limits only indicated by signs.

There would be no money for speed humps or traffic calming measures.

Coun Chew added she was behind the principle of 20mph zones, but only if they were better enforced.

She said: “I would like to see farm traffic doing 15mph through built-up areas and villages in particular, and I would most definitely like to see 20mph past schools.

“But people will not take the blindest bit of notice of signs.”

In the neighbouring villages of Staining and Weeton, Coun John Singleton said he anticipated similar problems.

He said: “I personally think it’s a bit of a waste of money. Motorists ignore 30mph speed limits, if they took notice of them I could see some reason behind it.

“They might as well put a sign with Donald Duck up, It’s absolutely ludicrous.”

And Coun Singleton said speed humps were needed to force drivers to slow down.

He added: “When you go into rural areas you do pick up speed and signs don’t make any difference.”

Highways chief County Coun Tim Ashton said the 20mph scheme will save lives.