Young Rubi waddles ahead

Rubi and Keeper Alyx Milne
Rubi and Keeper Alyx Milne

This keen baby sealion cannot wait to follow in the footsteps of her talented mummy.

Rubi, who turned one yesterday, has become an integral part of Blackpool Zoo’s popular sealion display after taking it upon herself to stand next to her mum’s podium at every given opportunity.

Keepers have even built her a miniature version of the podium and are carrying out very basic positive reinforcement training techniques to make the little star of the future feel fully involved.

Sealions do not generally start any training until they are two, but Rubi has been so fascinated by her mum, Anya, and auntie, Gina, that she couldn’t wait to get started.

Khaled Fawzy, head trainer for animal events at Blackpool Zoo, said: “Rubi is one of two sealion pups that were born here last June and since birth she has always showed a very keen interest when her mother, Gina, was taking part in the sealion display.

“Visitors have really taken Rubi to their hearts and she has been a big hit with everyone.

“It is safe to say that she really is a star in the making!”

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