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Peter Hancock's Austin 7 Special
Peter Hancock's Austin 7 Special
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PETER Hancock is trying to track down any previous owners of a vintage 1933 Austin 7 Special open two-seater sports car, which he bought in the Blackpool area around 40 years ago.

He says: “The car was purchased by myself in early 1970s. Unfortunately, the DVLA has lost all records of the car before the time that I purchased it, and I cannot remember what I did last week, let alone in the 1970s!”

He adds: “The car is called an Austin 7 Special. That means that it would have possibly started life as a saloon type of car, then, as all young car owners do, you rip off the old body and replace it with one of your own design and construction.

“Somebody in the Blackpool area has certainly spent a lot of time and care in the past to convert this car, and I have continued to ‘add on little bits’, so it might look a bit different than how it was in Blackpool.”

The registration number will still be the same, however, if any one can remember it: CYB 701.

Peter says: “I hope someone will look at this photograph and say ‘hey, that looks a bit like dad’s old car’ and the mystery will be solved.”

Do you recognise the registration or the car? If so, email Peter at maznpete36@yahoo.com, ring him on (01260) 270891 or 07976 223416, or write to 1 Buxton Old Road, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 2ES.